ginko leaves

fall in december. oakland, ca.

civic center plaza

the city of san francisco not of brotherly love

claudia and bernhard came up to sf for the holidays.
brunch dates two days in a row.
today we went to a strange little place called munch haven on market street. the fries were decent. and we took a nice little stroll down memory lane.

here the two love birds pose in their super sexy plaid.


we have two cats

annie and sbt.

annie and lady schmelks.


annie and the heater

the only place of refuge in our cold, old home.



the cast lines up for a shot.

this weekend i worked as 1st assistant camera for my classmate renny's first year film. it was a blast. i learned so much and had a lot of fun. the film took place in a school and involved 16 adolescences, some incredible sunlight and a handful of dolly shots. here are some production stills:

hannah, art director, sips on some coffee as the day begins.

renny frames the shot.

hannah and nicki cut it up as the day winds down.