market and grove

annie and ilyssa exit the bart station in downtown sf.


not in service

sunday trips to san francisco. less trains, less often.


garden time

i just bought some spectra film... in the past i could easily buy spectra in bulk off ebay, but it's becoming increasingly hard to find unexpired film. i spent way more than i would have liked but the detail and sharpness make it so worth it.


jib shot

the above shots are from the set of nicki's first year film. on saturday we used a triangle jib to get a sweet high angle shot of melissa, our lead actress. it was pretty much the coolest thing ever.


'180' at the sutro baths

yesterday i was on the set of nicki manchisi's first year film, '180'. we got three scenes done, two of which took place along the beach at the sutro bath ruins in san francisco. below are some highlight polaroids of the day:

the director takes a moment to pose before running the next scene.

melissa, luke and scott hang back while nicki rehearses the actors.

renny, the trusty dp, hangs on the beach.


two turds

ramona and annie in a totally candid moment.
this is the real deal, folks.
i took this with my new LG camera phone. not bad, eh?


camping in big sur

the new year's in big sur crew:
annie, ramona, mandi, victoria and me.


hello 2009

every year i anticipate my new year's eve being mostly boring and anticlimactic. every new year's before now has been that way. go to a party, drink champagne, pass out after the ball drops... and then a new year begins. this year, in an effort to avoid said monotony, annie, mandi, ramona, victoria and i went down to big sur to camp for the night. i couldn't imagine a better way to spend new year's eve. as midnight struck the five of us sat on a rocky cliff overlooking the pacific, a bright starry sky above us.

here are my favorite polaroids of the trip:

sunset over the pacific.

victoria leads the way as ramona and annie walk in stride and mandi stops to take it all in.

more polaroids of the adventure to come...