lost in the desert, caught in the rocks

sand dunes. hot feet. zapata falls. phat beats.


chama, colorado

mandi, rachel and i spent an afternoon in san luis, colorado, exploring the town and eating some delicious enchiladas. we then ventured to the surrounding smaller towns, rode our bikes around and took some sweet photos. we scored big time in chama, colorado.there were many left behind buildings and vehicles. below are a couple of polaroids from that adventure:

an old school bus left behind in a field in chama. i had a rough time framing this shot as i had to dodge cacti and fire ants swarming around my feet.

the chama post office. i love how small town post offices are always little one room trailers. the sky was particularly foreboding that day, compelling me to capture the mood.


south river road

life has been such an amazing roller coaster this past week - so much has changed, evolved, grown and exploded. over the next couple of days i will try to update you, the world, on all this excitement. but let us start with the incredible visit i just had with two beautiful people, mandi & rachel...

mandi and rachel came to colorado from california for a five day extravaganza of adventure and fun. we started the trip with a journey to the garden of the gods in colorado springs. it's a pretty beautiful place despite the ultra-tourist take over. the next day we went on a glorious bike ride down south river road here in alamosa. the sky was ominous the whole time, threatening storms and downpour. we made it home safe but not without stopping to take a number of amazing photos. here are the polaroids from that adventure:

mandi and rachel take a break from biking against the wind. i love this shot. i feel that it totally captures the essence of our day. cloudy, exhausting yet undeniably satisfying.

we hopped the fence for this bad ass truck. something about the front end of abandoned vehicles really gets me jazzed. it's like the truck has a face, wearing a sad, left behind expression.

and the truck again with the mesa and cloudy sky behind it.

that afternoon we also ran into three musicians at milagros coffeehouse who were just beginning their summer 2008 four corners tour. these incredibly talented folks joined us for an evening bonfire and crashed at my pad. check out these websites and see when they'll be strolling through your town: cahalen david morrison & sven hooson.


the dwelling of an artist

i finally got my bike fixed and it is ridin like a dream. yesterday i went on a glorious ride around the neighborhood i'm housesitting in. it's not really a neighborhood so much as a massive grid of dirt roads with a scattering of homes. i love the slv desert. so broad and barren.
i decided to take a little trip to my friend eric's house, only a mile or so away from my current gig. eric, unfortunately, was not at home but i snapped some 'roids anyway and am now posting them, unbeknownst to him:

eric built this home himself and in the process made a documentary that won some serious acclaim at the jacksonhole film festival.

eric's trailer, with mt.blanca in the background.


county road

edele's simply honey. while driving to my house-sitting gig one evening i felt compelled to stop and photograph a cooler on the side of the road that read: honey 4 sale. but when i started framing the shot i found myself much more attracted to the mailbox beside it. i don't know why i love this mailbox. maybe it's the fact that it stands on a slant. or it's the barrel loftily holding it up. regardless it's one of my new favorite 'roids.


house sitting in east alamosa

i am currently house sitting a few miles east of town for a woman who's off on a cruise. she has a beautiful place with a beautiful view, some cats, a bunny, and a large grassy lawn. it's a great place to watch the sunset or to lay in the grass and take in the sun. a pretty good gig, to say the least. below are some polaroids of the space:

the view from the yard. clearly a moment meant for the spectra. it's impossible to capture in a polaroid the vastness of mt.blanca but i think she sits well in this photo, framed by the trees, shadows and clouds.

a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

this is what it looks like laying in the grass. isn't it amazing how the polaroid chooses to focus on just the grass in the middle of the field? click on the image to enlarge and see how crisp that grass is.


summer fest on the rio

june 6-8 marked the true beginnings of summer with summer fest on the rio here in alamosa. the summer fest is a bumpin outdoor festival in cole park with live music, good food, arts, crafts and fun activities. la puente had a booth, of course, where we sold nachos, lemonade and baked potatoes. it was a beautiful day and lots of fun. here are some highlight 'roids:

jenna & ren take in the sun on the '85 toyota tercel.

erin and michelle get their dance on as don richmond and the rifters dish out some folky jamz.

aaron juggles some left over baked potatoes.

the bungy jump, a most popular activity.



house-sitting for jenna this past weekend pretty much meant getting paid to lay in her hammock and play with her dog. this is what it looked like:



this weekend i went back to my favorite hot spot: the alamosa junkyard, where many many discarded, defunct vehicles sadly wait for the afterlife. going there is like walking into a scene from the brave little toaster, without the song and dance of course. ive decided though, after this journey, that taking photos from outside the fence is just not cutting it. i need to get in there and really take some sweet shots. devising a plan to get in is now on my to do list (or just calling the people who own it and seeing if they'll let a strange girl come take polaroids of their junkyard).