chama, colorado

mandi, rachel and i spent an afternoon in san luis, colorado, exploring the town and eating some delicious enchiladas. we then ventured to the surrounding smaller towns, rode our bikes around and took some sweet photos. we scored big time in chama, colorado.there were many left behind buildings and vehicles. below are a couple of polaroids from that adventure:

an old school bus left behind in a field in chama. i had a rough time framing this shot as i had to dodge cacti and fire ants swarming around my feet.

the chama post office. i love how small town post offices are always little one room trailers. the sky was particularly foreboding that day, compelling me to capture the mood.


Anonymous said...

My mother's family is from Chama, and I grew up playing in all of the abandoned vehicles and buildings that were falling down.

The best ones were the old Ford trucks from the 50's- my grandma had 3 or 4 of them in her backyard and we spent hours in them.

Thanks for bringing back some great memories.


Denise said...

I spent my summers in Chama. My mother grew up there. The bus is down the road from my uncles and the post office is down and across the road from my grandmothers house. That post office is the New one. the old one used to sit next to my great-grandmothers house. Enjoyed the pictures.