house sitting in east alamosa

i am currently house sitting a few miles east of town for a woman who's off on a cruise. she has a beautiful place with a beautiful view, some cats, a bunny, and a large grassy lawn. it's a great place to watch the sunset or to lay in the grass and take in the sun. a pretty good gig, to say the least. below are some polaroids of the space:

the view from the yard. clearly a moment meant for the spectra. it's impossible to capture in a polaroid the vastness of mt.blanca but i think she sits well in this photo, framed by the trees, shadows and clouds.

a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

this is what it looks like laying in the grass. isn't it amazing how the polaroid chooses to focus on just the grass in the middle of the field? click on the image to enlarge and see how crisp that grass is.

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