south river road

life has been such an amazing roller coaster this past week - so much has changed, evolved, grown and exploded. over the next couple of days i will try to update you, the world, on all this excitement. but let us start with the incredible visit i just had with two beautiful people, mandi & rachel...

mandi and rachel came to colorado from california for a five day extravaganza of adventure and fun. we started the trip with a journey to the garden of the gods in colorado springs. it's a pretty beautiful place despite the ultra-tourist take over. the next day we went on a glorious bike ride down south river road here in alamosa. the sky was ominous the whole time, threatening storms and downpour. we made it home safe but not without stopping to take a number of amazing photos. here are the polaroids from that adventure:

mandi and rachel take a break from biking against the wind. i love this shot. i feel that it totally captures the essence of our day. cloudy, exhausting yet undeniably satisfying.

we hopped the fence for this bad ass truck. something about the front end of abandoned vehicles really gets me jazzed. it's like the truck has a face, wearing a sad, left behind expression.

and the truck again with the mesa and cloudy sky behind it.

that afternoon we also ran into three musicians at milagros coffeehouse who were just beginning their summer 2008 four corners tour. these incredibly talented folks joined us for an evening bonfire and crashed at my pad. check out these websites and see when they'll be strolling through your town: cahalen david morrison & sven hooson.

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