it's been a long time, folks. way too long. truth is i jumped ship in july for a six week travel adventure and just haven't gotten my shizz together since i returned. so i'm going to attempt to play catch up, starting with my east coast trip to philly, a two week romance with cuba and another two on the road across the u.s.a. then i'll jump into the excitement that is my day to day in oakland, ca.

so here are some gems from the great city of philadelphia:


real independence day

alyssa hangs out in tent city.

ratty and shawna set up shop on the rocks.

nature's spa.

mullein and the man in the rock.



i just completed one of the best jobs i've ever had working as the volunteer coordinator for frameline33, sf's international lgbt film festival. i spent a lot of time at this theater, the roxie on 16th and valencia.



so it's been over a month since my last post. lots to fill you eager kids out there on, which will all come in due time.

for now i just want to share some sweet photos from my new digital camera of our dank-ass west oakland backyard:


grass loungin

ilyssa & ez kick back in the grass at albany bulb