penitente canyon and kittens

so sorry for the vastly overdue post. i am embarrassed to see only one other post for november. things have been pretty busy with not a lot of down time with internet access. i also like to spend a lot of my down time sleeping/sitting in my big wonderful bed.
that being said, let's dive into a random assortment of photos from the last month:

at the beginning of the month montrose
got a much needed bath. kate made the
valiant effort and was quite successful.

one saturday katie, charis, ben and i went
to rainbow's end monte vista and picked up
these sweet sweaters. i also managed to find
a polaroid camera, a skateboard and a radio.
all for less than 25 bucks! what a steal. this
photo was taken right before katie and i
went to see across the universe, now one of
my favorite movies ever.

a couple weekends ago kate and i brought
montrose to penitente canyon, northwest
of alamosa, along the san juan mountains.
the three of us had a blast jumping around
the rocks, enjoying the sun and the view.

we've had a few family dinners recently including
multiple soup nights and this evening of tortillas.
will is a master with a rolling pin.

two new additions to the monterey menagerie
came a little over a month ago when a couple of
mangy alley cats found their way to my heart.
above is tink. she is tiny and wily and meows
a lot. below is taco or taquito. i love him so. he
is an adventurer, explorer and trash chaser.

so thats really all i have to say about my life right now. ive got a few adventures lined up including a balloon fest in gallup, new mexico and a winter journey to st.louis, missouri.
with my grad deadline fast approaching and big thanksgiving and holiday events lined up at la puente i am pretty busy, crazy and excited. more updates and hopefully more art to come.


(two kissy faces in one post. how obnoxious is that?)

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