ski hi stampede

last sunday jenna, eric, kevin & i headed to monte vista for the ski hi stampede, colorado's oldest pro rodeo. i had never been to the rodeo before. i had no idea what to expect. i mean i anticipated tight jeans on cowboys and plaid button up shirts. oh but it was so much more. it was an amazing spectacle: mutton bustin, bull riding, barrel racing, steer wrestling and team roping. if i hadn't dropped my camera in el rio grande i would have taken a million photos. but alas, i only had my polaroid, which is not a sufficient device for taking photos from far away. what i do have, however, are some polaroids from the adjacent carnival. i was too poor to afford actually going on the rides. but i did get some sweet shots:

jenna and kevin look on at all the amazing rides.
isn't jenna's outfit amazing?

the ferris wheel, a glorious invention.

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