adventures in missouri

this old one-lane bridge brought us to miles of winding road alongside cornfields.

on day two i drove from tulsa, ok to st.louis, mo to see my dear friend paulette. i was only in stl for a couple days but the adventures had were amazing, nonetheless.

on saturday myself, polly, dan, adam and chris decided to venture out to pacific, mo (about thirty minutes outside of stl) in search of an abandoned mansion polly's father had mentioned. we knew it was kinda a long shot but we pressed on with determination. when we first arrived in pacific we took a slight detour to explore some old caves off the main road. after climbing over some suspicious sandy material we headed to an old one-lane bridge where polly said we could see the house and from there devise a plan to get to it. we saw a large white house amongst some trees up on a hill and figured we just needed to find a way up to it. we found an old deserted road and followed it to its end. from there we climbed a steep and slippery hill to get to the top. once we got up dan and adam walked further to see how to get to the house. chris, polly and i waited at the foot of the cliff. they returned with sad news: the house we were after was, in fact, not abandoned. you can imagine our disappointment.

we considered it an adventure despite our lack of success. after we climbed back down we got pulled over by the cops and then got ice cream. the day ended with the three stellar polaroids and ticks for polly and dan . . .

dan reports the bad news.

adam and dan: sweaty, sexy woodsmen.

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