movie magic

the crew of 'flat' gathers around our star, scenery, at the wheel.

well i finally wrapped production on my first year film. it was an amazing shoot; i couldn't have asked for a better time. we drove out to esparto, ca early on friday morning, shot all day and then spent the night before another full day of shooting on saturday. we did a lot of really tricky things including car mount shots, a high angle ladder shot and four beautiful dolly shots. i'll be headed to LA on sunday for my telecine when i'll finally see everything we shot.

the best thing about the whole experience was working with a dedicated, hard working crew. everyone was so great and so fun to have on set. i couldnt have pulled it off without them.
a big thanks to everyone: terrie, marcia, nicki, angie, bethynia, mackenzie, renny, pio, tanner and my incredible actors scenery and carrie. you are all wonderful!

and somehow i managed to take some polaroids on set. there are many more to come as well as some production stills taken by my many amazing crew members...

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