albuquerque balloon fiesta

last weekend kate, katie and i took a day trip down to albuquerque for the world's largest hot air balloon festival. the albuquerque fiesta has been on my to do list for a couple of years now. i was so psyched to go down there and see the greatest balloons from all over the world.
the festival itself was a little disappointing - because of wind none of the balloons went up in the air. they were blown up and lit up (what is known as a balloon glow) but no lift off. if we had decided to stay the night we could have gotten up for the 7am ascension, but we decided to gun it back to alamosa instead. im hoping to go to at least one more festival this season.
anyway, here are a few highlight photos and polaroids.

balloon glow

the kates enjoy each other's company.

waiting for balloonz.

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