montrose and me

monterey house has turned into a bit of a menagerie. it originated a little over a month ago with our dear puppy montrose bearpaw. his name is a combination of a monterey house joke and the fact that he has giant paws. see him pose below:

he's definitely a handful but more than worth it.

things are going well here in alamosa. i'm loving the valley more and more every day. i am more than confident that i made the right choice in moving out here and working for la puente. some weeks are harder than others with long days and little alone time. but all in all there is a balance of work and play. and the people i live and work with are amazing.
im working on putting the safari press paper zine together. i'd like to have it out before the holiday season sets in. if you're interested in submitting to the zine shoot me an email. im looking for articles on anything, short stories, poetry, etc. just holla at me.

heartz from alamosa. <3

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Anonymous said...

that is the cutest puppy ever! i miss you. <3 dana