14 states in 10 days

sorry for this delayed post. after charity ball and the outreach christmas party i high-tailed it out of colorado for a whirlwind adventure that left me with little blogging time. and now the new year is settling it. time for an update.
originally i had just planned on a week long trip in st.louis to visit ms.polly and friends. but after some serious deliberation i decided to drive down to atlanta to see my family for christmas. so i drove 17 hours in one day to st.louis from alamosa. then 8 hours from st.louis to atlanta. and then a two day journey across the south from atlanta to alamosa. probably the most driving ive ever done in that amount of time. it was fun but exhausting. also, winter road trips are not nearly as fun as summer road trips. and the state of kansas is big and uneventful. some painful moments, needless to say.
i had an awesome time in st.louis. polly, patrick and i made time for some crazy adventures. and of course i got the royal treatment from the omura family.
one afternoon polly, jenny and i explored an old abandoned building in the north part of the city. here are some highlight polaroids:

a corner of the building's exterior. dead trees and a spiral staircase.

jenny claimed that the building had at one point been a homeless shelter. these boxes of hotel soap and stuffed animals confirmed it.

this is a toliet.

jenny rocks out on the rooftop.

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