winter solstice mix

so i made this awesome winter solstice mix to send to all my favorite people for the holiday season (i understand that i am fairly late for the holiday season but tardiness is one of my more endearing traits). but it turns out that you can only burn songs that you bought on itunes up to seven times. so i apologize, dear friends, but the mix i meant to send to all of you only made it into the hands of a few. until i put together a new mix check out the following tracks on your own:

1. mystery juice -- sean lennon
2. winter time -- drug rug
3. he hit me -- grizzly bear
4. take pills -- panda bear
5. master of none -- beach house
6. hard to explain -- the strokes
7. gipirales -- ponies in the surf
8. cross bones style -- cat power
9. bedstuy parade -- mos def
10. winter wonderland -- animal collective
11. good girl/carrots -- panda bear
12. south carolina -- archers of loaf
13. on a neck, on a spit -- grizzly bear
14. lie lie lie -- drug rug
15. hold on -- john lennon

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