abandoned adventure in arbuckle

while on our location scout marcia and i made a stop to photograph this old abandoned home right off the main road in arbuckle, ca. it was a beautiful structure full of windows and light. the holes in the ceiling made it possible for me to take some great interiors. check 'em out:

the exterior of the house.
it looks like it could just crumble into itself at any moment.

i fell in love with this room. the large number of south facing windows provided plenty of light. but you can see that the most interesting light is coming from the gaps in the ceiling. if you look close enough you can really see the texture of the debris on the floor. but my favorite part of this photo is the movement of the windows; how they've become slanted and now descend and ascend in what feels like carefully calculated choreography.

i had to climb on a shaky banister to get this shot. but what a lovely old stove. for some reason it makes me think of bonnie and clyde...

another windows shot. the shape of these windows and the quality of light of the scene beyond makes it feel like each window is its own little polaroid, wouldn't you say?

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