post danksgiving

this year was my first thanksgiving with friends. i enjoyed the holiday right here in oakland, california with my housemates annie and ramona and their (and now my) good friend abby. we initiated what will from now on be referred to as 'danksgiving', a gluttonous feast of tasty, homemade food, a few bottles of wine, and refreshingly good company.

the day after thanksgiving put us somewhere between leftovers and sloth but we did manage to pull ourselves out of the house for a day drive deep into the east bay. our excursion took us to to mt.diablo park in walnut creek where we took these lovely polaroids:

laughing it up on a pee stop.

the sheer genius of this photo actually blows my mind.
really. seriously. you can't fake this shit.

and the trio is complete with a candid that leaves
ramona obstructed by none other than
'the mount diablo review'.

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