everyone but you

yesterday i got a new tattoo and a really bad headache. i decided to hit the sack early, but before i smooshed my face into a pillow i decided to give eric shiveley's two hour documentary a chance.
eric is an alamosa local. he spends a lot of his time in milagros on his computer and always orders a cup of coffee, a cookie and, oh ya, some ice water. when i first met him i thought he was probably just another jerk with a camera. he often makes awkwardly inappropriate jokes that i cant even be offended by cause he mumbles so much. but, like many of the folks in alamosa, eric has become a face i am fond of and i like when he comes into the coffeeshop to spend two dollars in five hours of free wireless. he's funny and he's cute. and he is just another jerk with a camera but a jerk ive come to appreciate. and it also turns out that his jerk of movie is actually quite good. call it a revisionist western as it pours viewers into the beautiful isolation of middle of nowhere colorado. eric sells everything he has to move to the desert of the san luis valley to live in a trailer while he builds a tin can of a house. he is lonely and ambitious; a lethal combination for any artist. while he builds his home he struggles to find himself as a musician and as a person searching for a place where he "belongs and knows he is needed". his documentary tells the story of a rugged individual searching for what every john ford cowboy wanted: freedom and happiness.
take a look at the trailer above. if you're interested in seeing the film or know of any festivals he could submit it to, let me know. because, honestly, the movie doesnt suck.

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eric said...

Creamed corn? That movie looks more like creamed crap.

Nice group photo. Too bad they didn't have a wood panel backdrop.