ghosts of smith college past

a couple days ago i was in an antique store here in alamosa sifting through a box of old postcards complete with messages and memories. as i flipped through i found a familiar image; after closer examination i realized it was a photo of none other than northrop gillet house, a dorm i lived in at smith college. i continued to sift and found another image of smith college. these postcards are from a woman named jeannette to her fellow smithie, gwen. the first one is dated 1950 and the other 1926. it seems gwen got married and moved to colorado springs.
what a crazy find - - the world is a small, small place.

the message here reads:
"dear gwen, remember our happy days here? having lovely time and enjoying driving to and from rochester. much love, jeannette and kate" dated 1950

this one reads:
"dear gwen, i've been here for a few days. have loads to tell you. miss bailey was married today. will write you a long letter very soon. love, jeannette" dated 1926

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Anonymous said...

omg that is so crazy!

i miss you. xo