more fotoz

on top of the polariods in the post below i have a few other photo updates of life here in the san luis valley. this past weekend i was fortunate to have a three day weekend and while my travel plans didnt work out (first gallup, then denver, then santa fe) i was glad to have the weekend to relax and enjoy some time off. i spent most of the weekend working on my grad essays and sitting in my bed. my journey with katie on sunday was really nice. this valley is full of bizarre vistas. and with winter fully under way the mountains that surround this valley are extra beautiful. the view is almost unreal - like a painted backdrop in some theater. i am very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.

the old drive in theater past monte vista, right before
center on route 285. i have a polaroid of the sign in the
post below but i also love this photo as it captures the
empty and forgotten frontier. the sign says 'entrance'
but there is nowhere to go.

crazy trees in the dead of winter. although i hear it is
january that is the most painful month here in colorado.

tink marvels at what appears to be a spotlight for her
mischievous ways.

the next two weeks will be crazy: this friday is the charity ball sponsered by valley wide health systems. basically it's a big fundraiser for la puente and there's a lot of work to be done to prepare for it. then, on saturday the 15th we will be having a christmas party at the shelter complete with santa and elves. the theme we have chosen is "christmas stories" including a variety of well known stories about the holiday season. all the volunteers are dressing up as different characters. i made it pretty clear that despite my height i'd truly prefer not to be an elf. so instead i think i will be tiny tim from a christmas carol. that means i get a crutch and multiple opportunities to say "god bless us everyone". then on the 18th i drive out to st.louis to visit polly and company. all very exciting.

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