adventure days with polly

the past five days have been jam packed with adventure. my dearest paulette made the trek from brooklyn to alamosa to see my little town and explore this massive valley. it was so wonderful to have her here. believe it or not but it's incredibly difficult to find people ballsy enough to bust into abandoned buildings with me. and the san luis valley is extremely conducive to ramshackle adventure; falling down barns, abandoned motels, forgotten trailers. polly and i blazed this valley with multiple cameras and got some really cool shots. over the next couple of days i'll be posting the highlight fotos.
it didnt take long for polly and i to get into adventure mode. on the way back to alamosa from the springs airport we stopped in walsenburg to explore an abandoned, wall-less building. we couldn't quite figure out what it used to function as, but we can assume something in between agricultural and mechanical.

the east facing wall of the building was completely gone, with the skeleton and stairs exposed. gray skies with not a lot of light made getting a perfect shot difficult. but the gloomsday atmosphere added to the overall experience.

it seems whenever i find an abandoned structure there is always an old, weed-eatin ford somewhere near by. this one was almost completely lost to the tangled arms of nature.
inside the building we found many inexplicable items including this giant, pipe covered structure. it looked like a giant rounded hairbrush, the pipes acting as fearless bristles. or some sort of twisted organ waiting for the right moment to let out a cacophony of wounded wails.
at the end of the day polly and i wandered around the valley taking in the colorful sunset. here polly trails off to get a perfect shot.

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