frontier drive-in

remember the old frontier drive-in near monte vista? check out the polaroid in the right hand column. yep, that's the one. polly and i ventured out there on our journey and explored the property more fully. what we discovered was mind blowing. beneath the giant screen were three trailers, one blue, one gold and one white & red one. we snuck in all but one (it was locked) and explored the fabulous interiors. the gold one was all gold and yellow on the inside. super 70s chic. the red and white one had many wires strewn across the interior. polly suggested it could be a series of booby traps so we cautiously avoided the wires. i did, however, find a super sweet old gm am radio in one of the closets. call me a looter, if you must. i just feel the need to collect. further down the field we found a couple giant buses and about five more deserted airstream trailers. i also found the old film projector near the projection building. how wild is that?
so here are a couple polaroids from that adventure. i have some digital photos as well that i'll post soon.

why were these super sweet trailers left underneath a drive-in movie screen? so strange.

a trailer for the ladies man. the gold and yellow accents could certainly set the mood for romance. again, tainted during development, hence the bizarre slug-like smudge on the photo.

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