let's draw a polaroid!

some saddening recent news: polaroid is discontinuing the production of polaroid cameras and a polaroid film. the products are expected to be completely unavailable by 2009. this news has left me distraught. what am i supposed to do with myself? where will i turn? who am i????
i decided the obvious first move is to gather up as much polaroid film as i can in the next year and take as many photos as i can (the shelf life of the film doesnt allow for bulking up to last a lifetime). this i will do with as much effort as possible. but another notion that struck me is the idea of giving the polaroids i have already taken new life. in the past week or so i've taken the time to draw and paint some of my favorite images of polaroids past. below are some of those creations:

last summer on my cross country trip to colorado i took this photo at an oklahoma rest stop. here i have re-drawn the image with ink and watercolor.

this is an image of my dearest paulette at the adirondack hot air balloon fest september 2005. the polaroid is drawn with ink and prismacolor alongside a collection of aspens drawn in ink.


Anonymous said...


Do you know the music of Kate Nash? You should. Sorry I killed you on the Oregon Trail. I had to protect whatz mines!
I'm also sorry to hear about polaroids. I heard recently that Walmart is going to entirely stop developing film and move soleley into printing digital pics by next year. I'm totally a luddite at times and I'm bummed to be losing some of the old artistic processes. I'm glad you're using the opportunity to re-invent your art!- Tavia

Anonymous said...

awww pretty! --dana

eric said...

brilliant! i love it!