the beginnings of summer

it is starting to really feel like summer here in colorado. and i love it. summer is by far my favorite season and the absolute best time for taking polaroids. no worries about it being too cold for proper development or the wind blowing so hard that the images get distorted. and here in colorado the sun shines so bright and the sky is so blue that it's almost impossible to take a terrible photo. so ive got some random shots to share. ive made a habit out of carrying my polaroid with me at all times so i am always ready when a moment strikes me. enjoy!

rainbow's end thrift store on main street here in alamosa. i always have good luck there. so far this year ive found a number of tshirts, button up shirts, a pair of boots, a pair of shades and an electric typewriter.

la puente has its own team in the alamosa adult softball league. seanna's dad, chris, is on the team so seanna is always there with her fam. last wednesday seanna decided she wanted to try on my shades. i think they look swell.

a workgroup from fordham university came for the week and got a lot of planting down in the garden. here they get their hands dirty.

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