two weekends ago i made a quick trip to california for my s.f. state orientation and some quality time with my dear friends ruby and mandi. it was a great trip, but way too short. the weekend flew by so fast that i hardly took any photos. so here are the few i have from my little trip down memory lane:

mandi and i went to my very first school, thornhill elementary where i attended kindergarten through third grade before moving from california to louisiana. it was strange going back to the place where i spent so much time as a youngin. everything felt smaller than i had remembered it. isn't that funny, how everything looks bigger when you're little and how your mind will always remember it that way?

here i pose in front of the playground.

my kindergarten classroom - i remember it so well!

mandi points out - 'we all belong here!'

we then ventured to my old hood - edgewood avenue.

and saw my old house. this is the second house i ever lived in. it was surreal to be there after over ten years.

i regret not taking more photos as many more adventures occurred. i think i was too overwhelmed by the city, my memories, my friends and the image of my near future to document. i am very excited about moving back to california and living in and going to school in san francisco. and you can bet i'll have many photos as well as polaroids to post when i make the move.

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