the big trail

for the past two days i've been on the road heading towards alamosa, colorado where i'll begin my work for la puente home as an americorps volunteer. saturday i drove from atlanta, georgia to shawnee, oklahoma. the 14 hour drive was mostly uneventful with not a lot of visual stimuli through alabama, mississippi, tennessee and arkansas. but sunday morning i woke with the sun allowing me to see beautiful oklahoma, bad ass texas and 'enchanting' new mexico. i feel like john wayne in the big trail; the west is unfolding before me and it's fucking awesome.
right now i sit in my hotel room in albuquerque, new mexico looking at maps and planning my last leg tomorrow. i will be driving through santa fe and then a little detour through taos.
i took lots of sweet polaroids today, including many of the mostly deserted town of mclean, texas which lies on the former route 66. unfortunately, i do not have a scanner for the polaroids. i hope to have some access when i get to colorado. below are some digital fotos. not as awesome as the roids but they'll do for now.

there were many many such stores in oklahoma: native america.

in the panhandle: at a texas roadstop not far from amarillo.

mclean, texas was home to many abandoned buildings
and homes. this gas station is just one example.

p.s. this is my new tattoo. i kinda love it.

stay tuned for more road trip fotos, digital and polaroid. also, stories of my new life in alamosa will unfold shortly. wish me luck and call me often!


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Mo said...

that tattoo is awesome! i think you told me you were gonna get it but i can't remember.
ps when i stop being a slacker we should totally start an email correspondance.