oh canada

i just returned from an adventurous journey to the great land of canada. my family and i stayed in a rustic, fifty year old cottage. i was there with my mother, brother, four cousins and aunt and uncle. nine people in one little cottage. it was way fun.
the cottage is located in tobermory, ontario on the very tip of the bruce peninsula which lays between lake huron and the georgian bay.
(see heart on map)

it's a beautiful place with all sorts of wildlife and awesome vistas. the cottage is right on lake huron where we bathed, swam and fished.
i was able to snap a few polaroids during the visit. check them out below:

my brother and i in front of an old lighthouse in kincardine, ontario.

the back of the family cottage.

entrance to the dunks bay cemetery where my grandparents, 2 uncles and aunt are buried.

the grotto on the georgia bay. below the rocky cliffs lays a deep cavern full of tourists and rocks.

more canada polaroids to come . . .

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