bike ride through alamosa

on sunday i took a most joyous bike ride around town. it was the nicest day yet; the day we have all been waiting for. after a tumultuously cold winter it seemed a sunny, hot day would never come. but it did. i thought it was the perfect opportunity to do something i hadn't yet tried much; polaroid bike cruising. usually i hop in my car and drive to more far off places to get sweet shots. but there is much material right here in the heart of my little town.

here are sunday's highlights:

the old alamosa power plant. this is one of my favorite structures here in alamosa. it's not totally abandoned; i often see trucks and various machinery parked here. im not exactly sure what they're up to but luckily they were nowhere to be seen on this particular sunday afternoon. this shot is my favorite from the day. the sky could not be bluer.

a half assed cardboard 'closed' sign hangs on the fence that runs along the old power plant.

the alamosa christian science society. i love those weird green stairs.

the shrugging trees on third street. they look like they're saying "sure, why not?"

and more shrugging trees. an old man smoking his pipe and walking his dog wondered what i was up to as i crouched down to take this photo.

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