more milagros jam photos

the open mic night at milagros was ripe with talent and this particular musician seriously blew me away. katey byrd, pictured here with her guitar and kick ass work boots, sang a handful of crowd bumpin political songs. she has one of the most beautiful voices i've ever heard. i really feel like there is no reference to compare her to, but if i had to i'd say she's some where above and beyond joanna newsome meets devendra banhart. but really, this lady is all on her own.

wayne the train performed some delicate and melodic original songs. his guitar playing is superb, and although a quiet man, wayne definitely had a solid but gentle stage presence.

we have not seen the last of donovan. this alamosa high school junior is one of the most talented teenagers i've ever met. alongside his guitar skills and awkward wit is a voice with depth and maturity. and he can scream, too.

donovan and laurelin, another alamosa high school student, performed the postal service/jenny lewis duet 'nothing better. laurelin also performed rilo kiley's 'a better son/daughter' solo.

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