vermillion lies

on tuesday jenna and i ventured up to denver to see the sister cabaret act 'vermillion lies'. as super awesome djs at krza community radio here in alamosa we got free tickets to the show. so we got in the car, dropped off our friend eric in colorado springs and then headed up to the mercury cafe in downtown denver.

the mercury cafe is like a hidden eden in the middle of the city - all organic foods with many vegetarian options and a laid back bohemian atmosphere that makes you forget chain restaurants even exist. the food was amazing, although i made the terrible choice of having four cups of coffee with my vegetarian enchilada plate. not a good idea.

vermillion lies was great. the sisters, zoe and kim, performed mostly songs from their new album what's in the box? which range in genre from folksy ballads to rambunctious circus sing alongs. their conventional instruments of choice include the piano and guitar but what makes them so fun is their use of bells, kazoos, a typewriter, a bbq grill, a toy piano, the tool box, a lobster and a small mexican man marionette named pete. and not only are they incredibly creative but they can also sing. kim has a full yet softly sultry voice while zoe belts out an almost cartoonishly old-timey sonance (think triplettes of belleville). seeing them live was like traveling back in time to a place where performance is more than gnarly guitar solos and bright lights. these ladies are sexy, funny, clever and talented. and their show is just as much about storytelling as it is about music.

after the show jenna and i got to chat with vermillion for a few minutes. not gonna lie, they are so cool that i was fairly intimidated. and i definitely stuck my foot in my mouth a couple times. cause im a fool.

check out their website and listen to their jams. my favorite songs are: global warming, done wrong, blue and take off your shirt.

"global warming... it's hot! global warming ... it's not cool! global warming ... it's too warm for school!"

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