southside alamosa

i took the following polaroids on sunday as i rode my bike around town. i often worry that there will not be enough sun to take the perfect polaroids, but in this case i think there may have been too much sun. oh well. live and learn.

the saddest thing about this set of 'roids is that they are the last of my bulk of polaroid film. i am 100% dry. no film to speak of. if you were thinking you wanted to get me a really really early birthday present feel free to send some film my way. or jump the next tourist you see and send their goods to colorado. sound good?

the remaining yard furniture of an abonandoned home lost to a fire. look at post below for a shot of the house.

so sad you cant read the scan of this photo. the space above the walkway reads:
parking for pastor salazar only.

im in love with this junkyard. unfortunately something really funky happened in the processing and that strange gak appeared as well as a dark bar along the bottom. but look at how sweet those cars are.

st. vincent de paul thrift: helping others to help themselves.

and me! happy spring, friends!


Desiree said...

You could cut glass on those cheekbones.

Kinsey said...

You're such a cuteface. <3 you