art & zines

since i've moved to alamosa i've had a lot of time to work on various art projects and explore and experiment creatively. i've got a couple paintings and drawings to share with you folks. comments/critique are appreciated.
also, i'm hoping to put together a small zine to share both online and through the glorious u.s. postal service. while my funds are low and copies cost money i would still like to share it with as many people as i can. if you're interested in receiving the safari press printed zine by mail email me with your address: lares.feliciano@gmail.com. and if you want to send a buck or two my way to help with the costs it would be appreciated.

(click on all images to enlarge)

in vain. watercolor pencils and sharpie markers.
this image is in part inspired by robert johnson's
"love in vain blues", one of my favorite blues jams.

potato man. sharpie on paper.

smokestacks. acrylic, sharpie & magazine cut outs.


not jenna said...

is the figured person farting?

Tavia said...

I've been farting like a smoke stack all day today!That should be a new expression.
Hey Lares, I like the new Safari Press header! I missed saying goodbye to you 'cause you were still huntin' fer Montrose accessories. I will miss you!!! I have some pictures to send all you guys and I'll do that soon.
Part on Dude!

tavs said...

That was s'posed to say "party on dude". All my typing is in vain.