sweet jamz

i just recently made another sweet mix for a dear friend. this one is for michael, one of my fellow la puente volunteers. track listing below:

1. the unicorns -- i don't wanna die
2. sean lennon -- mystery juice
3. animal collective -- leaf house
4. robert johnson -- love in vain blues
5. johnny cash -- god's gonna cut you down
6. cat power -- (i can't get no) satisfaction
7. tim fite -- toasted rye
8. coco rosie -- by your side
9. grizzly bear -- easier
10. panda bear -- comfy in nautica
11. le tigre -- deceptacon
12. css -- music is my hot hot sex
13. gravy train!!! -- hella nervous
14. rilo kiley -- the moneymaker
15. charlie parker -- koko
16. cat power -- he war
17. ono -- o'oh
18. sean lennon -- photosynthesis
19. the unicorns -- ready to die

a lot of the same jamz i always include cause i love them so. im particularly pleased with this mix cause of the easy flow between songs. i think they go together nicely.

the next few days are going to be quite nice; im house sitting in a cabin nicely tucked away from town. its got a beautiful view and a cozy loft of a bed. im very excited. fotoz to come, of course.


p.s. my birthday is next wednesday. the safari press is, indeed, accepting monetary gifts for the lares feliciano tattoo fund. thank you.

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