another dance party

the past few days here in alamosa have been wild with excitement, activity and good times. last week a work group from colorado college came and helped out at the shelter, the gardens and at rainbow's end thrift store. they were really enthusiastic and quite helpful. then on friday night all the volunteers gathered at the san luis valley brewing company for nachos and beer. after the brew pub we mobilized to monterey house for another impromptu dance party. below are some highlight shots.

although blurry i love this shot of my three
wonderful housemates will, kate & katie dancin
up a storm in our kitchen. katie especially rocked
out in her recently purchased cowboy boots, an
essential for any southwest girl.

these two shots are my faves. on the left kate shows off her
new hat while will, on the right, is smoldering with excitement.
i love these kids. so much.

the next day a group of us journied to creede, colorado, a lovely town northwest of alamosa. it was seriously one of the best days of my life. so much adventure. so much beauty. fotoz to come in the next post.

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