polaroidz rewind

a few weeks ago debbie, katie, tavia and i went to chama, new mexico for a little rendezvous. being the messy, often unorganized person that i am i managed to lose the polaroids i had taken that day. but no worries, i found them under a stack of papers. so here they are:

katie sings regina spektor's "a field below" with,
that's right, a field below us as we drive up the
mountains to leave the valley.

our drive to chama brought us through antonito,
a town south of alamosa. these painted silos
sit in the middle of a small park on the main

also in antonito lies a strange and magnificent
home made out of scrap metal and other
recycled goods. the entry way to the home
reads: alcohol and tobacco kills; mary jane
is healing.

once in chama, new mexico we strolled down
the three or four blocks of the town and explored
some of the shops. we met some very handsome
young men who work for arizona conservation
corps. chama is also home to a scenic railroad.
here we are walking along the tracks.

we then stopped for french fries and soda
at a local fast food joint called feliciano's.
i tried to get a family discount but they
didn't seem to recognize our lineage.

and last, monterey house is currently undergoing
some renovations in our mold invested bathroom.
this ladder helps john and eugene, our friendly
maintenance men, get up on the roof.

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