hope week, grad school and compost

this week is hope week here in alamosa. it's a week of homeless outreach and public education and a time for the community to get together and address the issues. last night was a candlelight vigil for all the folks from the community who have passed away over the years. it was a really nice event with a good turnout. tomorrow is open mic night at milagros coffee house. saturday is community gleaning and immigrant issues retreat and the culmination will be the community picnic at the shelter on sunday. pretty much good times all around.

today i am venturing off to denver to pick up kornelia, our volunteer from hungary. i am also going to an info session for the california college of arts mfa program. the thought of grad school both frightens and excites me, but i have a gut feeling so im going with it.

tomorrow night i will be housesitting again at erin's little cabin. the polaroid above is a shot of her compost heap within an outhouse-like structure. pretty much awesome.

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