album review: feist "the reminder"

feist's new album The Reminder is less than two months old, released in late april/early may. after much anticipation it seems the hype around her latest release has already died down. the single "my moon, my man" was released months before the full album came out, with the intention to get listeners excited about her new endeavor.
was excited when i first heard "my moon, my man". the opening beat begs for hip jolting dance moves and the energy built up in the beginning escalates as her whispery vocals beg us to "take it slow. take it easy on me". the track is also very cinematic, lending itself to trippy, geometric visuals and blunt on beat edits. in other words, i'd love to make the music video for this catchy, rhythmic jam.
unfortunately, however, the rest of
The Reminder does not live up to the preview of "my moon, my man". the full album opens with her apologies on the slow "so sorry". i can't help but wonder if this is an apology to her listeners who are likely to be disappointed by the less than provocative lyrics of this opening slow jam. while her vocals are pretty, as always, the content of the song is unexciting. when listening to an album for the first time i always let the opening song be an indicator of the overall feel of the record. and this was just a poor choice. the second track, "i feel it all" is more upbeat and probably my second favorite song on the record. that would have been a much better choice.
the rest of the album is up and down. her upbeat, catchy jams are just that; fun and easy. the rest, however, are boring and slow moving. initially i thought, "what a disappointment considering the greatness of
Let It Die". but then i realized that Let It Die was a similar album. not one i could listen to from beginning to end, but scattered with some choice jams.
overall i'd advize you not to spend your dough on the entire album, but to possibly invest in those few choice jams.

listen to:
  • my moon, my man
  • i feel it all
  • sea lion woman
  • past in present
  • honey honey
also check out Open Season, her remixes record which features a myriad of artists mixing up the best jams from Let It Die.

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