beautiful western massachusetts

i spent the last four years living in the pioneer valley, 2 hours or so west of boston. the valley is one of the most beautiful places i have been and i felt seriously fortunate to have lived there. it's a bit of a treasure trove with tons of obscure hidden routes that, when taken, guide you through some of america's most breathtaking landscapes. in my last few weeks in the valley i went on many a day trip, taking photos and hanging out with my friends. below are some of the best shots of various day drive findingz.

after a tour of the berkshire brewing company in
deerfield, mass my friends and i discovered this
caterpillar nest.

the mohawk trail, just south of north adams,
is home to this "big indian shop", where the
realities of history are forgotten and the novelties

on our way to the mohawk trail ruby, ilyssa and i
happened upon an abandoned garage full of old
industrial tools. this press was one amongst many
rusty, forgotten machinez.

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