the first

here we go. the first of many to come. admittedly, blog is not my favorite werd.and technology is not my favorite thing. but in an effort to organize my thoughts and endeavors this seems like an appropriate avenue.

here's what you can find on the safari press:

  • polaroids and other photos i have taken. some just for fun. some with artistic intent. all in all viewing pleasure.
  • collages and drawings either completed or in progress (comments are much appreciated).
  • music reviews and rants. jams both new and old.
  • movie reviews. again, new and old.
  • responses to things i have read. books, magazines, the information super highway.
  • journal entries.
  • generic shit shooting.
you won't find much about my personal life; ie the shape of my shits and the dreams in my heart. but you may learn a little about me. and that's cool. i'd like this to be a dialogue; a conversation. so if you've got a response, give it. let's hash it out.

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